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White-Labelled, Simple Analytics – Privacy Website Analytics Branded to Your Business

Say goodbye to data digging in Google Analytics! Abralytics gives you all of the insights you need on a single screen.

With Abralytics you can:

Track website traffic on any website without coding
Know which pages are getting the most traffic
Understand your website visitors better – which countries they live in, devices they use
Measure your marketing campaigns automatically
Invite users & control which sites they have access to
Create public, shareable dashboards for sharing with your clients, investors and fans
See how many visitors are on your site live

Unique things about Abralytics:

100% cookie-free – don’t risk privacy violations on your client’s websites!
Fully white-labelled – Your business logo, colours and domain (analytics.yourbusiness.com)
Zero sampling – Google Analytics only shows a sample of analytics data, we show everything.
Automatic email reports – you choose daily, weekly or monthly

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