Backlink Monitor

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Manage & monitor your backlinks & check indexing status.

You have a link building client, you built backlinks for them through link exchange or buying backlinks. You sent it to your clients. A month later, the client comes back saying that there is no link, the link is removed!

Do you really want to live through this again?

Introducing, Backlink Monitor

Backlink Monitor is the tool to handle all your post link-building needs.

Monitor backlinks – get notified if it is changed, link, anchor or rel-tag
Check Indexing – find if your backlink has been indexed by Google or not
Send for Indexing – Send your non-indexed backlinks for Faster Indexing

Manage backlinks – Manage backlinks from different vendors or for different clients in a neat list, mark notes, add subscribers, add teammates & share it publicly with white labelled public pages.

P.S. – Backlink Discovery Add-On is included in LTD if you input YOUR Free Moz API key. If you don’t have that, you can buy a one year add-on from our site @$69.

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