Automate sales and support with GPT chatbots that read and write to Google Sheets

The best way to train AI is using structured data, like spreadsheets. Unfortunately, the majority of chatbots rely on PDF and website content, unstructured data that leads to inaccurate responses. Uploading documents isn’t efficient either for lists of frequently changing data that is better served by a database.

Meet Botsheets — AI chatbots that read spreadsheets to generate responses, while collecting and writing actionable data from a chat session to a spreadsheet.

You’ll delight customers with more accurate, personalized, AI responses, while AI will delight you as it captures the data you need to nurture leads, deliver support, and help you grow your business.

You only need to connect a Google Sheet once and you can train AI directly from a Google Drive. If you’re an agency, you only need to share access to a Google Sheet with your clients for them to train AI.

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