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Automate bulk photo retouching with Crop.photo – AI-powered, cloud-based, and built for eCommerce

When it comes to bulk retouching eCommerce photos, saving a few minutes per image every day adds up.

Crop.photo is an AI-powered 100% cloud-based image retouching platform for images at scale. We handle low-mid retouching, you focus on high-end.

Automatic on-model crops using face markers: Our AI face recognition engine simplifies cropping by automatically selecting the desired face or body part, eliminating the need for manual crops in Photoshop.

Content-Aware scaling & resizing: Our AI-powered content-aware resizer ensures perfect product image size and aspect ratio for different eCommerce marketplaces, preventing accidental cropping.

Bye bye backgrounds: Our background tool quickly removes/replaces backgrounds for various image types, allowing seamless combination with smart automations for simultaneous cropping and resizing.

Creative control: Our AI is great, but every once in a while, removing backgrounds requires some human help — use our Background Clean Up tool to quickly fix errant pixels.

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