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All in one WordPress plugin to create a stunning dark version for your WordPress website.

Turn dark mode on for your WordPress site with a single click.

Darklup dark mode plugin is such a tremendous dark mode enabling plugin for WordPress websites.

Darklup dark mode plugin works on your WordPress website for the frontend and backend section and converts high contrast light into low-power ones.

It’s able to create an eye-soothing color combination with your website in a dark mode color scheme.

The plugin can give you a stunning look for your website as you can customize many portions of your website easily to match up with dark mode color.

You can customize color pallet, button, icon, position, and also exclude/include specific posts or products.

Darklup dark mode plugin is one of the most important priorities in grabbing your website audience’s attention and in providing high-quality service.

The plugin will let you enjoy an easy accessing process with all desired features.

Darklup is one highly recommended and developed plugin that serves you in the best way!

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