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Pioneering in eSigning on mobile devices, DottedSign lets you effortlessly sign documents and get signatures from others in a legal and secure process

Stop wasting time emailing signers, printing copies, and faxing paper.

Use DottedSign to securely eSign your agreements, sales contracts, lease agreements, permission slips, and more. Just import your document, assign signers, and sign with your mobile, tablet or PC!

DottedSign simplifies the process of remote business by automating your document delivery. You can track progress by checking each signers’ status. Notifications and reminders will be sent to related parties by the server to keep everyone on the same page.

They use a high-level identity authentication and signature validation to all signed documents with digital certificates issued by an AATL supported CA.

Ensure confidentiality of paperless signing, encrypted by TLS/SSL, AES-256 and RSA-2048.

Simplify your signing process.

Get access to DottedSign today!

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