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Linke is the all-in-one complete solution to manage, analyze, target & track all your shared short links bio pages and get the most out of them.

* Linke analyzes the traffic evolution of your link and if he notices that the hits increase rapidly, and suddenly he alerts you by SMS and email, it may be a buzz

* At each new visits on your short link, Linke check the status of the real link and if it returns an error or a timeout it alerts you by SMS & Email. Your real link is down!

* Customize the sharing preview of your links, use a different preview for each social network.

* Use your own domain names for short & bio links.

* Integrate an unlimited retargeting pixels into shortened links & bio pages.

* Define multiples redirections for your links and target by OS, By Browser and by countries or use the right combination for your needs.

* All the classics: Analytics, QR codes, custom names, & more.

In short, Linke gathers all the features of the others (linktree, pixelme..), removed the limits then added more great features & voilĂ !

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