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Uptime monitoring service for web artisans: what matters most is a reliable website.

My Website is Online: Uptime Mastery for Web Artisans.

5 domains included with the offer.

⚠️ Card-on-file required to allow people to add more domains. Payments are processed by Stripe, nothing on our server.

🔧 Limitless Monitoring: Set unlimited monitors per domain, each with custom intervals.

🚨 Instant Alerts:

HTTP(s) & text matching
TCP port
Ping & DNS scans

📱 Immediate SMS Alerts: Ensure you’re always in the loop. [Buy credits to activate.]

🔍 Deep Observations:

Track Response times (TTFB)
Watch SSL certificate expiration
Monitor DNS changes

📤 Multiple Notification Avenues:

Send to many email recipients
Slack channel notifications

🌐 Google Web Risk: Continuous site safety scanning.

🖼️ Status Pages for All: Inform users in real-time.

🎨 White-Label Branding: Stamp with your logo for a unique touch.

🚀 On the Horizon:

Detailed Reports
Backup Monitoring

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